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My Review: X-men Mystique

I really do love Mystique because of her personality and how she is so adaptable to changes. You�ll also realize that she has switched sides many times.

It is no surprise that you get confused, sometimes I question her loyalty too.

Her character is quite unpredictable and versatile because of how adaptable she is to different circumstances. That is what makes X-men Mystique even more interesting to learn about and to find out what her next move will be.

I think her superpowers are also really cool! Could you imagine yourself easily changing your appearance just by looking at anyone? � Click here to read more about her superpowers

X-men Mystique changing herself to another person Morphing

Not forgetting, that I like her also because of her determination to do something, even though it may be for an evil cause. Like I mentioned, I admire her determination. It is such super-villain that makes superheroes look good! =)

There was a rumour that X-men Mystique had a gay relationship with Destiny, but I think maybe this idea was not appropriate then. But what I know is that they�re definitely more than just friends!Shock Face

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Mystique
Real Name: Raven Darkholme
Other Alias: Valerie Cooper, Mallory Brickman, Raven Wagner, Leni Zauber
First Appearance: Ms. Marvel 16 - 1978
Romance Partners:
  • Ralph Brickman � Current Husband
  • Count Eric Wagner or Baron Christian Wagner � Deceased Ex-husband
  • Sabretooth � Ex-lover
  • Azazel � Father of Nightcrawler
  • Destiny � Rumoured Gay Partner
  • Forge � Potential boyfriend
  • Wolverine � Lover (Not sure if they�re still having a relationship)
  • Ralph Brickman � Husband
  • Gloria Brickman - Daughter
  • Rogue � Adopted Daughter
  • Graydon Creed � Deceased Son
  • Shape-shifting abilities
Team (Past & Current):
  • Brotherhood of Evil Mutants � Unsure
  • X-men - Past
  • Freedom Force - Past
  • X-factor � Past
  • X-corps - Past
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Brief History:

X-men Mystique has a very complicated background that it is quite difficult to keep up. I will try my best not to bore you too much with the details. =)

She had a sexual relationship with Sabretooth during one of their missions and gave birth to Graydon Creed. Then she was impersonating a German spy known as Leni Zauber in East Berlin.

However, before she knew she was pregnant with Sabretooth�s child, she faked her own death to end her relationship with Sabretooth. Graydon Creed was abandoned and he was said to be assassinated.

She was married to Baron Wagner or also known as Count Eric Wagner and she wanted to give him a child. But due to his infertility, she slept around in other disguises. She was introduced to Azazel at one point and was attracted to him.

They had a sexual relationship and again she was impregnated with a child.

When her husband knew she was pregnant, he wanted a paternity test to determine if the child was his. Therefore, Mystique killed and buried him. She gave birth to a child with blue skin, pointed ears and a tail, which has blown her cover of being normal. Ultimately, she abandoned him.

Destiny and Mystique adopted Rogue when she was on the run after her powers sent her friend Cody into a coma and they lived as a family.

According to Destiny�s forecast/foresight, Mystique must kill Senator Robert Kelly to prevent anti-mutants programs. Therefore, she formed the second generation of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and encouraged Rogue to join as well.

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X-men Mystique has joined many other groups as mentioned in her basic profile above. She used to believe that mutants and humans could co-exist but she felt that it was too difficult to get both sides to come together.

Therefore, she feels it is much easier to support total mutant domination of humanity.

One thing I am sure about is that Mystique will not do anything to harm her own mutant kind and she is nothing but loyal. You will realize that most of the crimes she has committed are against human kind.

As to why she keeps attacking the X-men, even though they�re fellow mutants? Simply because the X-men has always foiled her plans to reach her goals!

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Mystique is able to rearrange the cell structure in her body to change into any person or shape that she wishes to. She can have the same fingerprints, skin and she can even sound like the one she has changed into.

Her superpowers also allow her to slow down the aging process. She can also change only half of herself by modifying the transformation! - Like the image shown below

X-men Mystique changes half of herself Kidnapping

However, she is unable to possess the superpowers of the person she has impersonated. For example, she can pose as Storm but she is unable to control the weather.

She also refrains from maintaining the form of the object or person too long, as she will feel very strained. Sometimes, she may even collapse and change back to her normal self immediately.

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Her Likes:

I noticed that she has a knack for getting herself into complicated situations. I am beginning to believe that she likes creating all this confusion and uncertainty of events. She seems to really like Rogue and treats her as her own daughter.

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Her Quotes From Various Issues:
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