How to Create X-men Personality Tests

So are you interested to create your very own X-men personality tests? Today, you are in luck because that is exactly what I will be discussing about. Before you actually embark on your X-men quiz creation journey, there are a few essentials that I think you should have prepared first. That way, it will enable you to create one quickly and easily.

What should you prepare?

  • Firstly, I think you should have at least some background knowledge about the X-men otherwise you will not be able to come up with a set of questions.
  • Secondly, you must also make sure that the answer to each question is related to a specific X-man.

After all, you are trying to create a personality test. For example, I will associate Wolverine with a bad temper.

So we have covered the most basic things you need; now where should you create your quiz?

One of the most popular places would be, which is quite well-known when it comes to quizzes.

If you want you could also pen it down on paper, but honestly that will be too tiresome and you should be making use of the digital era you are living in now. Of course, it is free-of-charge.

Sweet! Sweet!

This article will not be complete without some brief instructions on how to create one on Quizilla right? So I created a sample quiz and I will just briefly walkthrough with you on how to create one.

  1. To start creating your own quiz on Quizilla you are required to register for an account.
  2. After you have logged in, click on "make a new creation" link at the top of the page.
  3. Select Quiz
  4. Select Personality (Original Style)
  5. After you name the title of your quiz, you will notice two boxes called "New Question" and "New Result".
  6. In the "New Result" box, add in the X-man personality that can be derived from your answers and click update. If you have more than one, you just keep adding and also note you can upload images of your X-man for each result.
  7. Input your question into the "New Question" box and click update.
  8. Input the answer of that question into the "New Answer" box that has just appeared and click update again.
  9. In the dropdown listbox, select the result based on the answer of the question - click here to view screenshot.
  10. Again a "New Answer" box will appear, so keep adding all your answers for the same question.
  11. After you are done, click on "Save changes and exit" button.

There you go! You have just created one of the many X-men personality tests to come! Easy enough right? Anyway, for more information, you can view their help page by clicking here.

By the way, if you are interested you could take one of my short X-men personality tests that i have created - click here to take the quiz.

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