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Welcome to my gallery of X-men Pictures!

I am very excited to share some of the pictures, which I think are quite cool and worth putting them up.

Each X-man will have at least one page dedicated to them and I have also uploaded images of some X-men movies. If some of the X-men images are not as clear or looks yellowish, it is because these images are being scanned from old comic books which are turning brown. So do pardon the quality, after all i am no professional when it comes to picture editing.

However, I will try my best to modify them using photo-editing software – but I am no professional. Click any of the links below to start viewing pictures of X-men characters or X-men movies.

Cheers and Enjoy! =)

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X-men Characters
X-men Movies
Other X-men Images

Side Note:
I have sorted the X-men according to their code name alphabetically and note that I have written down the date of the last X-men picture updates that I have made.

X-men Characters:

Code Name(s) Real Name(s): Last Picture Update:
Emma Frost
Marvel Girl
Warren Worthington III
Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin
Emma Grace Frost
Jean Grey
Kitty Pryde
Ororo Munroe
James Howlett

X-men Movies:
Name of Movie Last Picture Update:
X-men 3: The Last Stand 26th June 2006
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Other X-men Images:
Title Last Picture Update:
X-men Comic Group Pics 4th Aug 2006
X-men Drawings 10th Dec 2006
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