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My Review: X-men Polaris
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My Review: X-men Polaris

When I first came to learn about Polaris, the one thing that caught my eye was her striking green hair, which I thought was pretty awesome. I mean how often do you see such a pretty green-haired girl right?

She is not only just a pretty face, but she also has a degree in geophysics and has the ability to control magnetic forces.

However, it is said that her magnetism power is not as powerful as her Magneto, but at the moment she is the only one who can even come close to it.

She is also very kindhearted, helpful and considerate towards the people around her.

Many times she wanted to wash her hands off the X-men's business, but every time they needed help she would definitely be there for them even if she has her reservations.

She is a great help and a valuable asset of the X-men!

It is such a pity that X-men Polaris does not have a chance to appear in the X-men movie franchise. Nonetheless, she is still popular among the X-men world. If my memory serves me right, she mostly appears in Uncanny X-men and Ultimate X-men series.

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Polaris
Real Name: Lorna Dane (Given adopted name, real name is unknown)
Other Alias: Magnetrix
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #49 - October 1968
Romance Partners:
  • Alex Summers (Havok) - Love of her Life
  • Bobby Drake (Iceman) - Ex-Boyfriend
  • Anya Lehnsherr - Alleged deceased half-sister
  • Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (Magneto) - Biological Father
  • Luna Maximoff - Neice
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dane - Adoptive parents
  • Pietro Maximoff (Quiksilver) - Half-brother
  • Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) - Half-sister
  • Zaladane - Deceased sister
  • Ability to manipulate magnetism
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • X-factor - Past
  • Acolytes - Past
  • Marauders - Past
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Brief History:

X-men Polaris was born with a rather distinguishable green hair and she also inherited her biological father's magnetism ability which we all come to know as Magneto.

After the death of Magda (Magneto's wife), Magneto had an affair with Polaris's mother who happened to be a married woman.

Magneto and her mother had an argument, which was probably one of the reasons why they did not get together eventually.

Soon later, her parents died in a plane crash and she was adopted by her relatives, who happened to be her non-biological father's sister and brother-in-law.

Since then, Polaris received their last name and is now known as Lorna Dane.

Lorna did not know about her true parentage and even Magneto did not know the existence of his daughter until much later. She led a normal life except for her obvious green hair, which her adoptive parents made her dye it brown to avoid any suspicions.

Mesmero working for a fake Magneto Imposter

A hypnotist, Mesmero, was preparing an entire army for Magneto, but little did he know that the Magneto that he was working for was actually a robot.

X-men Polaris happened to be one of selected candidates and she was summoned to go to San Francisco. However, she did not reach her destination because she almost got into a traffic accident.

Luckily, Iceman managed to save her in time and the shock of the accident snapped her out of the hypnotism. Iceman decided to bring her back to Xavier's mansion and was met with much unhappiness from his team-mates for bringing a stranger to their base of operations.

Then, Cerebro (a device responsible for locating mutants) confirmed she was actually a mutant and the appearance of her green hair reaffirmed that. While, the other X-men were out on a mission, the mansion was invaded by Mesmero. Not long later, Polaris and Iceman were captured.

Iceman saved Polaris yet again Saviour

She was placed on a machine to activate her inactive mutant ability to control magnetism. It was through this capture she found out that she was actually a mutant. In the nick of time, Iceman saved her from her imprisonment.

After her release, she joined the X-men and started fighting for their beliefs. Soon, she started to become very attracted to Havok, who was also one of the members of the X-men.

Polaris was often a target of the X-men's enemies because of her powerful ability to control magnetic forces. Growing tired of this kind of life, she and Havok decided to leave the X-men to pursue an education in geophysics.

Polaris from the X-men and Havok happily living together Bliss

One day, she was caught unprepared and was mind controlled by Erik the Red. After which, Polaris was then used to attack Havok.They were then given orders to prevent Prof. X from meeting Shi'Ar Princess Lilandra and even had a fight with their ex-team mates.

Ultimately, they were defeated and Prof. X freed them from the control of Erik the Red. Both of them went to Muir islands to stay for a period of time.

Polaris from the X-men attacks Havok Couple Fight

In one occasion, she was possessed by Malice (a psychic entity), who turned her against Havok and made her join the Marauders. Soon after, she broke free of Malice's control. Later, she ended her romantic relationship with Havok and also quit on the X-men.

I can go on about the history of Polaris from the X-men, but that might be a tat too long.

Phew! Phew

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She does believe in Prof. X's cause for coexistence, which explains why she did work with the X-men in the first place. I guess the never-ending fights have worn her out, but that has not stopped her from being the X-men Polaris she is today. The only difference is that sometimes she needs to get away from the chaos and madness of the cruel reality.

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Superpowers Limitations:

Polaris powering up Power Up

Like her father, Magneto, X-men Polaris has inherited the power of controlling magnetism including the Earth's magnetic force, metal, etc.

However, she is unable to summon a great amount of magnetic force just like Magneto.

She also has the ability to absorb negative emotions and use it as her strength. It was said that her original powers of magnetism is gone, during the House of M (Mystique own comic) comic series.

It was also said she managed to recover her natural abilities due to the help of Apocalypse, but her powers has also become harder to control.

Bottom line is that she is still one of the most powerful mutants.

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Her Likes:

X-men Polaris is really quite a simple girl who wants to lead a normal life like most mutants. She enjoys leading a peaceful life and spending her time with the love of her life.

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