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I do hope you like my X-men reviews! These reviews are based on comics that I’ve actually read before.

Although I’ve read many X-men comics, I never thought that I’ll actually become an X-men comic critic for my own website -- the feeling is amazing and indescribable!

So you may think I am exaggerating, but honestly that’s really what I am feeling every time I add in a new review. Currently, I am still studying. But for your sake (*ahem*), I will try my best to add in as many reviews as possible – a reason to for me to buy more comics!

So remember to keep checking for new updates! X-men comics are my refuge from the insane reality! Every now and then, I do need to get away and daydream … Silly Face

Giant-Size X-men
The X-men
The Uncanny X-men
X-men Movie(s)

Giant-Size X-men:
Title Issue Date
1 - “Second Genesis!” May, 1975

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The X-men:
Title Issue Date
94 - “The Doomsmith Scenario!” Aug, 1975
95 - “Warhunt!” Oct, 1975
96 - “Night of the Demon!” Dec, 1975

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The Uncanny X-men:
Title Issue Date
428 - How Did I Get Here? Oct, 2003

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X-men Movies:
X-men 3: The Last Stand
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