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My Review: X-men Rogue

Well, before I was a bigger X-men fan I always thought Rogue’s natural ability was being able to fly (I think it’s because of the X-men cartoon) and I adored her for that somehow.

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Until I started reading up more about her, then did I realize her true superpowers – Click here to read more about her superpowers

But, no doubt I still love her! In fact, I love her because her superpowers can be really fatal with prolonged contact with her victim. One touch or even a kiss from her could suck the life out of you – kudos to Marvel for creating X-men Rogue!

I admire her loyalty and genuine commitment to the X-men for such a long time. Initially, she was encouraged by Mystique (adoptive mother) into fighting against the X-men.

Even though, she sought Prof. X's help mainly for her own benefit but in the end she continued to help fight for his cause. I feel that her character is also very fun and sexy.

I love the romance story she has with Gambit, even though her superpowers are part of reasons why their relationship is not going smoothly.

I think they are very compatible and I really wish for them to stay together. Actually, Wolverine and her makes a good couple too, don’t you agree?

I love the tense romance between X-men Rogue and Gambit – I admit that I can become quite obsessed with their relationship! So I read that both are working with a sex therapist, X-men Emma Frost, about their intimacy issues!Cool Face

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Rogue
Real Name: Anna Marie
Other Alias: Anna Raven, Marie D'Ancanto, Anna-Marie, Marian
First Appearance: Avengers Annual 10
Romance Partners:
  • Gambit – Lover (Uncertain relationship)
  • Wolverine – Unsure (They shared a kiss once)
  • Magneto – Brief Romance
  • Iceman – Ex-lover
  • Owen – Father
  • Priscilla – Deceased Mother
  • Carrie - Aunt
  • Raven Darkholme (Mystique) – Adoptive Mother
  • Destiny – Deceased Adoptive Mother
  • Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) – Adoptive Mother’s Son
  • Graydon Creed – Adoptive Mother’s Son
  • Charles – Son with Magneto in Age of Apocalypse
  • Memory/ability absorption through physical contact
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • Brotherhood of Evil Mutants – Past
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Brief History:

X-men Rogue has no memory of her biological parents. Therefore little is said of her family, until lately in the X-men Rogue comic series. However, she remembers her first kiss with Cody Robbins, her boyfriend then.

That kiss was the first sign of her mutant powers or curse. Rogue absorbed Cody’s memories, thoughts and became him temporarily. She struggled with the dominance of her own personality against those of Cody and Cody went into a coma.

She panicked and ran away from home. Shortly, she met shape-shifter Mystique and she became her adoptive daughter. Mystique encouraged her to join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and fight for their cause.

She had participated in many fights against many superheroes such as the X-men, Avengers, etc. However, in one battle against Ms. Marvel, she permanently absorbs her flight ability, superhuman strength, memories and seventh sense.

X-men Rogue dealing with her new identity Identity Crisis

She was having a tough battle between her own thoughts and those of Ms. Marvel to maintain her own identity. She was desperate and needed help.

She knows that Prof. X, leader of the X-men, will be able to help but seeking his help will mean she is betraying Mystique.

But it was the only way she knows that could help make her life worth living. She went to seek Prof. X’s help and he felt the only way to help her was to let her join the X-men.

X-men Rogue trying to join the X-men Join the X-men

Many members of the X-men disagreed with Prof. X’s decision, but he later explained to them that they could help her use her abilities for good than for evil.

Finally, they accepted her but were all wary against her. Slowly, she earned their trusts by her sincerity and the level of commitment to change her life. Eventually, she was being accepted as X-men Rogue and treated like family.

Rogue had troubles handling Ms. Marvel’s memories until she was pulled through the mystical gate known as Siege Perilous. She was stripped of Ms. Marvel’s personality permanently and lost her superpowers temporarily too.

It was also during this time that the X-men were disbanded. She and reformed Magneto had a brief romance in the prehistoric Savage land but it ended quickly as he chose to return back to his terrorist way.

She and Iceman had a short romance too in Ultimate X-Men #66-69. However, she left because she saw Iceman kissing Shadowcat. However, I can tell she really liked him too.

X-men Rogue and Iceman kissing Sweet Kiss

After that, she met Gambit and fell in love with him but due to her inability to control her absorption powers and his dishonesty, their relationship were a strained. However, their love is strong and deep despite all the emotional and physical struggles they have faced and will be facing.

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Initially, X-men Rogue used her superpowers for the sake of having fun and mainly for her benefit. But now she shares the same compassion and dreams of Prof. X. She believes that no matter how small a contribution, it will still help the future of her mutant and human friends.

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Rogue is able to absorb memories, thoughts, feelings and abilities from any human or mutant through any physical contact. During this period, the victim will be weakened or may even become unconscious.

If the physical contact is too long, it may even kill that person and cause this transference to be permanent. The duration of the victim’s memories, thoughts, abilities, etc, remains for about a ratio of 60 seconds to 1 second of physical contact.

For example, if she has physical contact with Archangel for about 10 seconds, she will be able to use his superpower abilities for about 600 seconds.

Usually, it is only temporary. Unfortunately, during the battle between Ms. Marvel and herself, it was permanent until Rogue was pulled through the mystical gate known as Siege Perilous – Click here to read her brief history above

According to the newer issues I have read, a Skrull girl named Z’Cann touched her and used her telepathy powers to boost Rogue’s absorption abilities. After this, she was able to control a limited amount of the some of superpowers she has absorbed.

She is also able to block out mind probing by confusing the telepath of the memories of the people she has absorbed before – one cool trick!

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Her Likes:

X-men Rogue Gambit

After X-men Rogue absorbed powers of Ms. Marvel, you can tell that she loves her flight abilities. Before Gambit, she really liked Iceman and was very disappointed when she saw him kissing Shadowcat. Currently, they’re still friends and no signs of returning together yet.

And of course, who can deny how much she like or love Gambit. They’ve quite a history, maybe comparable to the love of Jean Grey and Scott Summers (Cyclops).

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His Quotes From Various Issues:
Quotes: Issue:
"Stop it -- You were starin' at my muh eyes, werent't you?" Ultimate X-men 66 - Mar 2006
"No Bobby. They're gone. I -- absorbed Gambit's powers and now those are the only powers I got!" Ultimate X-men 67 - Jan 2006
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