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My Review: X-men Sabretooth
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My Review: X-men Sabretooth

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Sabretooth is almost like every other criminal who looks out for nothing but himself.

If you read his brief profile below, you should notice that he had switched from the good to the bad and vice versa.

Bottom line is that he usually has an ulterior motive for what he does (at least most of the time).

Both went through the same Weapon X program, but they turned out different. Sabretooth is unwilling and unable to control the animal in him, unlike Wolverine who tries to keep himself in check.

Main point I am driving at is that sometimes it is the decisions that we make that does create a difference.

As much as I think he is brutal, violent, conscienceless, and out of control, he is definitely a formidable enemy of the X-men and Wolverine too.

Well, it could also be due to the psychological abuse inflicted onto him by his father that made him turn out this way.

Whatever the reasons are, X-men Sabretooth is definitely one super-villain or superhero (he switch sides easily remember?) to look out for!

Have you heard before that X-men Sabretooth and Wolverine are actually father and son?Shocked face

No worries, they are NOT father and son as verified in the Wolverine Vol 2 issue 42 - I hoped I did not make you jump out of your seat. Ha-ha � Do you know that he will also be cast in the Wolverine movie coming out in year 2008 - Click here to find out more about the Wolverine movie.

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Sabretooth
Real Name: Victor Creed
Other Alias: God of the hunt, Slasher
First Appearance: Iron Fist #14 - August 1977
Romance Partners:
  • Graydon Creed - Deceased son
  • Fast healing abilities
  • Indestructible adamantium claws and skeleton structure
  • Superhuman acute senses (E.g. sight, smell,etc)
  • Slows ageing process
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • Brotherhood of Evil Mutants - Past
  • Marauders - Past
  • Team X - Past
  • Weapon X - Past
  • X-Factor - Past
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Brief History:

Very little is known about the history of X-men Sabretooth, but it has been mentioned that he was abused psychologically by his father as a child in year 1800s. As a result, it could be why he turns out the way he is now.

He was recruited into Team X by the C.I.A with other mutants such as Wolverine, Maverick and so on. On one of their missions, they had a battle against Russia's super soldier, Omega Red, and Sabretooth killed one crucial scientist.

He also had a brief relationship with Mystique who was disguised as a spy known as Leni Zauber. They had a son called Graydon Creed who later on would be involved in anti-mutants campaigns.

After his son was borned, Mystique put him up for adoption. But she has always kept track of his activities, until she found out that he was not a mutant. After which, she abandoned him. Funny thing is that he was not a mutant, but a normal human even though both his parents are mutants.

Sabretooth and Wolverine working together Brotherly Love?

Not long later, he was recruited by the Weapon X program together with Wolverine and had their memory were implanted into their minds.

So as to whether his father really abused him could be untrue because the C.I.A could have implanted the memory.

Sabretooth killed Silverfox Death

Apparently, he raped and murdered a young Indian girl known as Silver Fox who was involved with Logan also known as Wolverine.

You agree?And this incident happened on Logan's birthday.

Later, he was approached by future X-men Gambit to join the Marauders whose leader was Mr. Sinister. If you do not know, the Marauders were responsible for the Morlock's massacre - Click here to read more about Gambit biography.

Very often, he had clashes with Wolverine and the X-men too. He also joined a government group called X-Factor. He was actually a secret agent spy for the government to kill other team-mates if they should get out of control. The only reason why Sabretooth listened was because he had a collar that produces shocks if he does not do what he is being ordered to do.

Uncanny X-men 213 Sabretooth fights with Wolverine Sibling's Fight

Ultimately, he found a way to overcome the collar device and cruelly killed some of his team-mates before escaping X-Factor. In search of something more challenging, he decided to hunt a mutant called the Wendigo. Their battle happened in the Artic Sea and he was assumed to be dead.

But he survived the fierce battle and emerged victorious. He had also joined the Brotherhood of Evil mutants before to attack the X-men.

Uncanny X-men Annual 18 Sabretooth confronted by Prof X Confrontation

Again, it was assumed that Wolverine had killed him this time. Apparently, he survived with the help of Black Tom Cassidy who was the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants then.

At the moment, he seeks refuge with the X-men from a group of super-humans known as The Children. The reason why they are after him is still unknown. I wonder how does X-men Sabretooth and Wolverine tolerate each other and let alone be on the same team!Shocked face

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From my perspective, I think X-men Sabretooth has only one belief and that is to look out for nobody but himself. Sure, he may have done some "good" deeds that I probably have not read about. But deep down, he is still evil and selfish.

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Superpowers Limitations:

Uncanny X-men 213 18 Sabretooth attacks Psylocke Fight

X-men Sabretooth have very similar super-abilities as that of his archenemy, Wolverine. He has accelerated healing abilities, which means that he is immune to toxins and diseases.

He is also able to slow down the ageing process faced by all humans or normal humans at least. He has enhanced superhuman senses such as the sense of sight, smell, hearing and so on.

For example, he is able to see clearly even in complete darkness. And just like Wolverine, he uses his enhanced sense of smell to track and hunt his prey.

It is still unknown how strong he is, but he definitely has some degree of superhuman strength. He also have fast reflexes and agility, which is especially useful when fighting or during a surprise attack.

In terms of appearance, I am sure you have noticed his fang-like teeth and retractable claws replacing finger nails in humans. As you know he was an ex-C.I.A and so no surprise that he has excellent hand combat skills.

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His Likes:

Based on what I know about him, I think X-men Sabretooth enjoys tracking and hunting his victim. He particularly enjoys when they are afraid and enjoys murdering them.

In many occasions, you probably recall reading about him killing innocent civilians for no reason. Probably, he done it out of pleasure or maybe out of boredom? You agree?

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