by Dr. Clark William

You must make this X men better than X men 2.

we want to see Jean Grey power bigger than X men 2.

Give her power bigger than X men 2.and give her power is better than X men 2.we must see power of the phoenix force.

We must see in X men Fist Class Jean Grey Vs Scarlet Switch, Jean Grey Vs Sentinel A / Master Mold, and Jean Grey Vs Bastion. give her power more powerful than X men 2.
we also must see Storm, Selene, Emma Frost, Lady Deathstrike, Mystique, and Rogue.
we must to see :
Storm Vs Lady Deathstrike
Selene Vs Juggernaut
Lady Deathstrike Vs Wolverine
Emma Frost Vs Mystique
Mystique Vs Beast
Scarlet Switch Vs Shadow Cat
Rogue Vs Sentinel A / Master Mold

Make this movie better than X men Origin Wolverine and you must make longer than all X men before.

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