X-men Shadowcat Pictures

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Recently, I started reading the Astonishing X-men comic series and found so many great pictures of Shadowcat commonly known as Kitty Pryde or Sprite. I also realize that she is appearing in more X-men series and so I decided to start an image gallery for her.

I remember when I first started reading about her in the earlier issues of Uncanny X-men and how she was being introduced. But I shall not talk about life story here … So you just enjoy the pictures!

I was lucky to chance upon a few old X-men comics and found quite a lot of her pictures there. So don't be surprise to see some slightly yellowish images, as they were scanned from my old collection.

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Astonishing X-men Shadowcat saving lives Astonishing X-men Shadowcat and her good friend Astonishing X-men Shadowcat being attached Astonishing X-men Shadowcat using puzzled
Astonishing X-men Shadowcat angry expression Astonishing X-men Shadowcat having bullets going through her Astonishing X-men Shadowcat fearful expression Uncanny X-men Shadowcat grabbing a drink
Uncanny X-men Shadowcat smiling Ultimate X-men Shadowcat having a conversation  

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