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My Review: X-men Storm

Storm controlling the weather Weather Goddess

I simply like Storm because she is a very dedicated, helpful and makes a great friend. She does not desert her friends when they’re in need and she is one person who will always support you.

I am able to relate to Storm as I feel that her personality is very similar to that of a good friend we all wish to meet? When at your lowest point of your life, a friend who stands by you. And I really love her superpowers!

I think that Storm has leadership qualities comparable to Cyclops, team leader. I like the way her eyes turns from blue to white, when she is trying to control the weather.

Probably in horror films, that will be freaky for me at least. But seeing her change her eye colour, definitely did not make me uncomfortable. Instead, I like watching it – and the part when she manipulates the weather!

I always thought that Storm has a strong sense of obligation to her friends or even to strangers. She has always stood by her friends when they needed her. She is also a very beautiful lady.

Her costumes compliment her personality really well, the way it fits her so nicely. Did I forget to mention that I love her hair colour too?

In conclusion, I think she is a very dynamic character and I'll still be very interested to know more about her. A toast to you and other X-men Storm fans! =)

For your information, Halle Berry acted as X-men Storm in the X-men movies 1-3. I thought she was suitable for the role, as I was able to picture her being Storm in my head!

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Storm
Real Name: Ororo Munroe
Other Alias: Ororo
First Appearance: Giant-Size X-men 1 (May 1975)
Romance Partners:
  • Forge - Unstable relationship
  • Black Panther - Husband
  • David Munroe - Father
  • N’dare Munroe - Mother
  • Ability to fly
  • Manipulate nature/weather
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men (Current)
  • Under master thief, Achmed el-Gibar (Past)
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Brief History:

Storm reliving her past Her Past

The X-men Storm that we've all come to love was born to David and N’dare Munroe in New York City. Her mother is a princess of an African tribe and her father is a photojournalist. When she was only 6 years old, her family was relocated to Cairo, Egypt.

A terrorist bomb exploded in their home killing both her parents. However, she was alive and trapped under tons of rubble from the explosion right beside her mother’s corpse.

Without doubt, this has scarred her life in many ways possible and she is scared of being contained in small spaces. This also means that she suffers from claustrophobia.

While she was wandering the streets after the death of her parents, a master thief known as Achmed el-Gibar gave her a roof over her head and food as well.

She soon picked up his skills of trade and became a very successful pickpocket in Cairo.

At 12, she decided to end her life of crimes and left Cairo to her ancestral home on the Serengeti Plain in Africa.

Only then did she know she has the power to control the weather and slowly developed her superpowers.

She decided to help the local tribes to ensure that they do not suffer from droughts or floods. Soon, she was worshipped as a "Storm goddess" by the locals.

Prof X approaching Storm Prof X

Little did she know that she was actually a mutant! She was approached by Prof. Charles Xavier (Prof. X) and he requested her to help rescue the X-men that were being held captive by Krakoa.

After she has helped to save the X-men, she was asked to join the second generation of the X-men, while the original X-men left to live their own lives. That’s when she was known as X-men Storm!

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She feels that by joining the X-men, she will be able to use her superpowers more extensively and helping more people in need. Storm is a very loyal friend and has a strong obligation to help people who are in need whether they appreciate it or not.

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Storm is also commonly known as the "weather witch". When she is about to change the weather, strong gust of winds will be created to support her weight up into the sky.

From there, she will control the weather through much concentration. She can manipulate lightning, wind, rain and so on. She also remains immune to the extreme cold and heat she can create.

The weather changes according to her emotions. When she is mad, summoned wind will carry her up so that she can command lightning and thunder.

One of the limitations of her superpowers is that the weather is affected by her emotions. Therefore, it is essential for her to keep check of her emotional state; otherwise, the consequences will be unthinkable.

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Her Likes:

X-men Storm really enjoys nothing more than the beauty of nature surrounding her just like when she was in Africa. As mentioned in the brief history, she helped the tribes by making sure that they do not suffer from droughts or floods by using her superpowers.

To think she abandoned her tribe who worships her just to help strangers? I can’t make it more obvious that she really loves to help anyone in need, mutant or human.

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Her Quotes From Various Issues:
Quotes: Issue:
"-- But They WILL BE STOPPED!" The X-men 95 - Oct 1975
"NOT WHILE STORM IS Alive To STOP YOU, DEMON!" The X-men 96 - Dec 1975
"-- THIS TIME SHE FACES STORM!!" The X-men 97 - Feb 1976
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