X men The First Class

by Nina

Hi. X-men First Class.

We're from Indonesia.
We Want to talk about The X-men First Class.
We can't waiting for the X-men First Class.
We love the characters:

1. Dark Phoenix
We want to her character to be better than the X-men Last Stand and with her power stronger than other characters. In Asia, her Character is the most famous.

2. Emma Frost
In fact, we also hope there is a character like Emma Frost in X-men First Class. Her power is very interesting and strong. Emma Frost is one of the sexiest female mutant.

3.Black Queen ( Selene )
We also enjoy a character like the "Black Queen".
We learned about the Black Queen in Marvel Girl. We hope her character will also be seen in The X-men First Class.

4.Scarlet Switch
We also want to see The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants characters such as the female Mystique and Scarlet Switch. Her ability is "Power Of Magic" and we would want to see her in action in the X-men First Class.

That we want and hope for The X-men First Class.

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