X-men Videos Cerebra Now Open

It is now time for you to take a step further by creating your own X-men videos and be your own movie producer/director/actor/actress. And also there is the mini Danger Room that was created for you to share information, juicy gossips about the X-men.

You will be given an opportunity to share your own self-made X-men video or you can even share videos if you are feeling shy.geeky face

Why should you make your own X-men video?
What better way to express your love for the X-men then to dedicate a video about them right? Most importantly, it is so easy to submit your video. So amaze us, you might be a potential director/producer/actor/actress in the making!

How do you start sharing?
Well, it is very simple. Firstly, it will be great if you share with everyone why the video caught your attention or what made you produce/direct/act in the video. Remember to include the embedding code into your story as well. Click here to see how to do it in YouTube �

X-men videos with the highest and best ratings will rise to the top! So make sure your favourite videos win by voting. Click here to get started �

Submit Your Video to X-men Videos Cerebra

What better way to share your passion about the X-men by sharing videos about them? No offensive posts or vulgarities please, thanks!

Videos Submitted by our Visitors

Look at these videos and let everyone know your thoughts. Feel free to comment and rate them!

X-men (1992) season 1 episode 8 
Very good and i like rogue too...

X-men Origins: Wolverine Video Game! Not rated yet
Have not tried this game yet, hopefully it is worth buying!

Amusing Italian X-men Introduction  Not rated yet
I just thought i start the ball rolling by being the first contributor to the future galore of X-men videos that will be housed here soon. I was searching …

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