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My Review: X-men Wolverine
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My Review: X-men Wolverine

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One of the reasons why I started finding out more about the X-men was because of this man, Wolverine. I was very intrigued by his character and I just loved his style.

His no nonsense ethics, does what he feels is right and a great fighter till the end. Of course, his retractable adamantium claws are also what make him look cool!

Sometimes, his anger outburst gets the worst of him and puts him in a very bad spot. But he usually will be able to overcome his nasty temper and set things right.

At first, he can't seem to bond well with his team-mates when he first joined the X-men. He usually acts alone and has difficulty trusting people.

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Soon after, he realizes that all of members of the X-men are actually kind and good people; he eventually opens up and cares about them (probably not very obvious).

He is actually quite a sensitive man and also he is very loyal to the X-men.

Come to think of it, X-men Wolverine is a very attractive man for the ladies!

Do you know that X-men Wolverine is actually more than a century old? "WHAT" I hear? Yes, it is true! Well, the reason why he still looks as young as he is now is because of his healing abilities, which has fought the aging process! Cool eh? Wink

Not forgetting, X-men Wolverine has his own Wolverine comic series for all his fans out there.

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Wolverine
Real Name: James Howlett
Other Alias: Logan
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #180 - 1974
Romance Partners:
  • Windsong - Deceased wife
  • Mariko Yashida - Ex-girlfriend
  • Yuriko Oyama - Ex-lover
  • Elizabeth Howlett - Deceased mother
  • John Howlett - Deceased father
  • Fast healing abilities
  • Retractable and sharp adamantium claws
  • Adamantium skeleton structure
  • Animal senses
Team (Past & Current):
  • Alpha Flight
  • Adventurer
  • New Avengers
  • New Fantastic Four
  • Weapon X
  • X-men
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Brief History:

In the 19th century, James Howlett , also known as our X-men Wolverine, was welcomed as the second son of well to do and privileged Howlett family. As a child, he was a very sickly and suffered from asthma.

A tutor cum playmate, Rose, was hired by his father to accompany and help him with his schoolwork. James also made friends with Dog, son of the alcoholic and cruel groundskeeper Thomas Logan.

Due to the death of his older sibling, his mother started to distant herself from her family. And so James turns to his friends, Rose and Dog, for companionship and source of affection.

However, everything was not to be. James witnessed both Dog and Thomas murdering his father. Due to this traumatic event, it triggered his hidden mutant abilities where bony claws started protruding from the back of his hands.

Confused about his new mutant abilities, he lashed out and kills both Thomas Logan and scratched Dog's face. Although, his mother was unhurt, she could not cope with what was happening around her and eventually committed suicide.

Rose was filled with fear and did not know what to do. In the end, she took James and ran to his grandfather for refuge. However, he was turned away by his grandfather.

And because they escaped, the police hold Rose and James responsible for the death of John and Elizabeth Howlett.

Both of them ran to a mining colony in Britain Columbia and slowly James's mutant abilities started healing his mind.

Eventually, the healing effect also blocked out the trauma and horrible events that happened earlier.

And ever since, he has adopted the name Logan to disguise his identity and started working in the mine.

Over time, his mutant abilities started to develop and he was dubbed "Wolverine" by his fellow miners because of his strength.

Slowly, he starts to conceal his growing love for Rose. And he began to spend more time in his work and with the wolves in the wild. Thereafter, Dog tracked both of them down and their days at the mining colony ended.

Finally, Logan remembered the night of his father's death where he killed Dog's father and how he scarred Dog's face.

Both started to fight in public and just as he was about to retract his claws to kill Dog, Rose was knocked into the fight by the crowd causing Logan to kill her instead. Shocked at what he has done to the girl he loves; he ran away into the woods and disappeared.

Giant-size X-men 1 Giant Size X-men

For years, he has travelled around the world and also stopped by Japan to train as a samurai. Slowly, his superpowers started to heal his mind again and slowly he forgot what had happened.

At the same time, his body was also battling against the aging effect of all humans.

He first appeared in the Incredible Hulk 180, but he officially became X-men Wolverine in the comic issue, Giant-Size X-men 1. He was recruited by Prof. X by none other than Prof. X himself - click here to read more about Giant Size X-men 1 ...

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X-men Wolverine believes in the code of honour (like all samurais) and morality. Even though, you have seen him gone berserk; he usually regrets it in the end. At times, he looks as though he is so close to killing his enemy, but he holds back eventually.

He believes respect must be earned before he will start to treat you like a friend. I am sure you have seen him being hostile to newcomers or people he does not know. But in the end, he usually warms up to them in his own way.

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Superpowers Limitations:

Astonishing X-men Wolverine fighting Fighting

X-men Wolverine became so highly skilled in martial arts when he started training as a samurai in Japan. He works well with a wide range of weapons at short or long range.

He does especially well in close hand-to-hand combat, where it is said that he could also beat Captain America.

Especially when he is engulfed with so much anger; he attacks with so much aggression that it is as though he has become an animal.

His very sensitive nose allows him to follow the scent of his prey and his eyesight allows him to see things further than normal humans. Many times, Wolverine has managed to see through the disguises of his enemies by sniffing them. Even Mystique is unable to fool him - not for long at least!

I am sure you have seen him use his adamantium claws very often in combat, where they're practically indestructible and able to cut through any material. He is able to retract them at will and these claws are released from between the knuckles of his hands.

Wolverine fighting against one member of Yakuza gang Ultimate Fight

So you are wondering, "won't he bleed to death"? Well, do not forget X-men Wolverine has healing abilities; therefore, the tissues and skin torn when he retracts his claws are quickly repaired.

His healing abilities are so strong that he is able to heal from broken limbs in a matter of hours or days. He is also less susceptible to poisons and even so he is able to do recover very soon.

However, this does not mean he is immortal. His healing abilities will not be able to help him if his vital organs are so extensively injured and he could actually die.

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His Likes:

So what does our X-men Wolverine like? From my knowledge, I think he loves to train in the danger room. Not only for training purposes, but because he can pit his skills against the computer as well.

He is a very private man and many times he likes to be left alone to do his own things. I recall seeing him honing his martial arts skills when he is not assigned on missions.

He has also grown to love the X-men and treats them as his family; they have given him a reason for living by fighting for Prof's X goal, which is to ensure co-existence between humans and mutants.

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