X-men Costumes - You can be a Superhero now!

by Lady V

As most of you should know, i have my own X-men store and have been adding a few more additions to our collections to satisfy customers requests for more. I am not using this as a platform to promote my products because this website is more information than commercial.

Anyway, i just thought i share some of the new costumes/accessories added to gather feedback from anyone on what they think, etc. Some of the new additions we worked hand-in-hand with customers (maybe you ;>) Click on link to see more pictures.

Don't forget to read my costumes ideas article and a separate Wolverine costume ideas article

Jean Grey Gloves #1:

Storm Headband:
X-men Storm Headband 1

Wolverine Gloves #2
X-men Wolverine Gloves 2

Wolverine Costumes #2
Wolverine Costume 2

Storm Costume #1
X-men Storm Costume

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Nov 01, 2015
Custom Costume
by: Lady V

Hi Susan,

You can send in a custom costume request and the team can assess if they are able to help you to make your ideal costume.

Oct 31, 2015
X-men Costumes!
by: Susan Fernando

I want X-men costume please give me some best online shops links. I have already purchased X-Men Logan Wolverine Jacket it’s comfortable for me, but I need whole costume.

Oct 31, 2015
Nice post!
by: Edward

Great post!


Apr 28, 2014
Would I be able to be the incredible hulk?
by: Mini juggernaught

I wonder about being Incredible Hulk,as I have a foul temper when things go wrong, like quirks with timetables and that. I would go green and bust out my clothes leaving me in me underwear or jocks and I guess it wouldn't look good on a Sheila ,seeing her topless with muscles and no ah hum...something to cover her ah hum, buffers (boobs) and pants with holes in it!

Somehow as I have seen in workshops where all the blokes all around me get around with tatty overalls with holes in them! Some around with the ass torn out and you can see their nickers as bright as day and no one seems to care about it! But for a Sheila they cope a ribbing if they end up tearing the ass out their work clothes!

Weird eh?

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