Xmen First Class?? So dissappointed, what are they thinking??!!

by Luke Parris
(Brisbane, Australia)

I have been an Xmen, and in particular Wolverine fan for the last 20 years. When are fox going to wake up and listen to the fans? To do this film, without having the original 5 in it, is like having a spiderman movie without spiderman. And they say that they want to keep the continuity in the films, then why the hell did they have emma frost and cyclops as teenagers in the wolverine movie, but have an adult emma frost in xmen first class.

Plus Havoc, is Cyclops' younger brother, but yet he is in the xmen first class movie, and cyclops isn't. The director, or who ever came up with this idea to do this movie the way they have, shouldn't be allowed to make movies anymore, and most definitely should have done there research before hand. Why mess with perfection?

The xmen have that many great story lines, yet they decide to put there own take on it, so that they can attract movie goers that don't know the xmen story, when the majority of people wanting to see the movies are the fans that know the xmen history.

Plus they have already done three xmen movies with Magneto as the villan, for crying out loud this is getting old and boring! Why could someone not use there imagination, and introduce, Apocalypse, or Mr Sinister, the storylines they could run with with these two characters are endless and the characters are alot more evil and darker.
In all honesty, by doing the first xmen movies, they really destroyed the chance of doing an Xmen origins first class movie, because of the plot they used for the first ones. They should have just done another one after the last stand, and set it 10-15 years after it and continued on the mess they had already created.

Highly Highly disappointed, I will not even bother seeing it, and I am amongst thousands. Fox Wake UP! Bryan Singer, just stay away from Super hero movies, you screwed up Superman and the xmen movies, what in gods name makes you think you will be able to do any better with Xmen First class? LISTEN TO THE FANS!!

STAN LEE HELP US LOYAL FANS TO GIVE US WHAT WE WANT. They are destroying your legacy!!!

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May 27, 2011
Angel a girl?
by: Jake

I can't believe Angel is played by a girl!

Apr 18, 2011
The Canny FoX-Men
by: X-Dude

I agree 100% with you my Aussie friend. Fox had the opportunity to reboot the franchise after The Last Stand and start it over RIGHT, with the orginal 5. They didn't need to try and create a whole new team and hybridize time lines and stories. The X-Men have already established themselves cinema wise so that doubled the reason why they didn't need to stray. Just the X-Men name would have sold itself, so they could have easily gone with the original 5 while establishing to the public that it's a reboot. Establishing it with the original 5 would have kept them from having further continuity problems because everything is nicely laid out for them comic book wise. I'm truely hoping that this is a flop and all of Fox's Marvel adaptations. They've had enough time with them and have made plenty of money. I personally won't ever support any Marvel characters movies done outside of Marvel Studios themselves. BTW Thor (the movie) is getting great reviews, Chris Hemsworth is representin' for the Aussies.

Mar 17, 2011
Trying to think out of the box?
by: Valerie

I agree with you too! I think it is just Hollywood trying to mess up the storyline to make it more appealing to the general public especially for those who have not read the comics.

Maybe it is easier for them to catch on by "recreating" a new story. I think that move annoys mostly comic book fans like us!

Mar 16, 2011
Yeah u have a very good point
by: Anonymous

I watched Xmen since I was a kid and know the history. Magneto is getting really boring and confused about the teenager emma frost and now adult emma frost on 1st class.

Just need new villians and they mess up the whole phoenix storyline.

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