X-Men Movies

by Theo
(Baltimore, Maryland)

I am none too happy about the way ANY of the X movies has been handled. X-Men has always been my FAVORITE of ALL the Marvel titles and is more to me than just a mere comic book with fictional characters.

It teaches people about pride in themselves and acceptance no matter what/who they are. With a message so important, you would think there would be more care and attention to detail when handling such a work.

Yet, compared to the Spiderman and Iron Man movies, the X movies are coming off as second, dare I say third rate. Current Disappointments:

1. Halle Berry as Storm, WHAT??? Storm was never so weak and submissive in her entire history in Marvel. She is a fighter and very intelligent, not someone switching around the campus afraid to break a nail.
2. Phoenix, with no phoenix effect (fire raptor). ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? One of the most awesome aspects of Phoenix was the bird of fire that surrounded her when she used her power. I was SOOOOO looking forward to that and was severely let down.

3. Special effects. COME ON!!! Storm should be able to sustain a regular flight pattern, Wolverine's claws could have been better, Cyclops could have been a REAL GROWN MAN (Jean Grey in these movies alongside Cyclops look like a cradle robber...maybe she could have manifested a fire "cougar" messing with that young man. Come on people...up your game and do the X-men some justice. If you're going to do an X-Men first class....please, include the first class.

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